Be Like Irena

Heroes do not necessarily look like movie stars or speak English perfectly. Heroes could be just regular people next door, like Irena Ivic. They could be YOU.
Be Like Irena, help a child.

How many times have you bought something you don't need? At least once a month we buy something just because someone else has it or tv/social media told us it's good. Yearly we spend so much money on stupid things, things that some people are never going to have or even wish for. They only wish to have and keep a roof over their heads. Please donate! ­čÖĆ With $1 we can't buy much but it means a lot to these kids.

Following big global attention that was recently attracted by a Milwaukee County Transit System bus driver Irena Ivic, for an act of saving a child from the street (video), her family has decided to organize a charity crowdfunding campaign and honor Irena's "big heart and fearless spirit". This way, Irena's family would like to give an opportunity to others to help children who live on the streets. Read more

Watch Irena's heroic act